Reactivating an inactive clearance

I tried to find this topic, but didn’t find anything relevant, so sorry if it’s a duplicate. I was given a Secret back in 2002 and it was upgraded to a TS/SSBI around 2008 and “renewed” in mid-2012. I went to work for a federal agency in a non-cleared position simply because they gave me a huge raise, allowed me to work from home, a big signing bonus and 2 extra weeks of PTO per year. It was a just too good to pass up, even though I knew my clearance would go inactive, which is it late 2017.
I love my job, but I REALLY want to go back to work in Afghanistan (where I worked in 2004 for about a year) or Djibouti - Both for obvious reasons. My background is squeaky clean and there’s zero reasons for any chance of denial. I have a very solid resume (Sr Systems Engineer and CyberSecurity - Master’s Degree) and all necessary DoD certifications to start right now. I just can’t get any contracting agency to bother with the clearance reactivation.
Any thoughts or recommendations on making this happen would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you…

I see your screen name says VA Beach… is that where you are? Would you be willing to head up to the DC area? With a background in cyber anything, I would think that there must be some company willing to take a chance… and there is a lot of unclas work to keep you busy while waiting for a clearance.

I even heard an ad on the radio saying they would be willing to sponsor people for clearances. Cant recall the name of the company, but it there’s one, there are likely to be others.

On the other hand, if you have already tried this approach and still not found anything, please let us know.

Thanks sbusquirrel. Not willing to relocate anywhere right now. If I’m willing to take a pretty substantial pay cut I could probably get a cleared helpdesk-type of job, because I have a great resume, but that can’t happen.

I know this puts me on a very narrow path, so it looks bleak until I can broaden my scope of options, like those already mentioned.

The trouble is that your clearance isn’t going to be “reactivated”. You need to start again from scratch which could take, despite your previous clearance and clean record, could easily take two years.

Thanks, Ed. This is pretty much what I expected, but I thought I’d solicit ideas from “folks in the know” on here just for the heck of it. The one good thing I have going for me, at least, is that all of my info is still in eqip from before, so that’s a little less work for me if I get lucky and get hired! :slight_smile: