Realistic Timeline - Marko HELP!


For your reference:

July 3 2014- Submission of EQIP
July 25, 2014 - Sit down interview with investigator.

Since then, noting. No follow up call, nothing. Is it reasonable to assume something is wrong? This is for an “L” level DOE clearance, I am a contractor not a federal employee so I am pretty sure I am subject only to a NACLC and not the one with mailings. Any help as to guess when I may be cleared would be helpful. Going on five months after the sit down interview seems just a bit too long. It has not been pushed to adjudication yet, claims OPM. Thanks you :slight_smile:

There are items in an investigation that are required to be completed before OPM can close the investigation. I have noted many cases being held up by the military service reserve component verifications, specifically Air Force Reserve and ANG. Or it may have to do with reassignment of your case from USIS to another investigation service provider. Your FSO can find out more by calling OPM to find out what specifically is holding up the closing.


Thank you so much for your reply. I just find it unrealistic and frankly unbelievable that it has been sitting there for five months without being touched. I was in the Army, so hopefully they don’t need too much from them (everyone knows how the US Army is with paperwork :slight_smile: ). Do you have any suggestions on where i can find a list of these “items” so that I may be able to make inquiries to the organization that the various “items” comes from on my behalf?

You will not be able to do anything other then have your FSO call OPM and get an expedite request in to close the case since it is past the agency due date.

Thanks Marko. I just don’t understand this whole process. Also, how do you know it is past the agency due date? I was under the impression that I will get an e-mail notification when the suspense date is reached. Also, what happens when it goes past the agency due date? Is the case just “lost” forever in the black hole that is OPM??

I saw your post Hawk and I was just curious is your new job with Newport? Also, where did you do your interview? At your place of work or somewhere else?

also, the reason I ask is for the date of your interview and the shutdown of USIS, it’s quite possible and more realistic, your report may not have been submitted and if that’s the case is has nothing to do with an adjudicator and it may have to be reassigned to another agency OPM, CACI Keypoint etc. This is one of the criticisms on the way they did the shut down that there were cases that had been completed by investigators or being worked, but everything shut down on 08/07/14, and all the leg work on active cases were ignored and probably never made it out of the channels for an adjudicator to review…

Hi inv74,

The position is not with Newport News Shipbuilding/Huntington Ingalls Industries (although i did have an interview with them a few years ago, very professional company).

I completed my sit down interview with the investigator in a library room when I graduated college from. They gave us a separate room which was locked when my interview was being done.

My case hasn’t even made it to adjudication yet, it still sits at OPM. When I contact the Freedom Of Information office, all i get is a “status pending” answer, whatever the heck that means. I just want to know how to get this thing moving again. Nobody is helping me with anything, I had a SECRET with the DOD and the process was NOTHING like this, it was pretty much an open and shut case. I don’t want to complain, but this isnt fair to me at all. Five months after the time of interview is completely ridiculous for it to still be sitting there. I understand the situation with USIS, but how are people on other threads submitting SF86’s much later than my interview date and getting adjudicated and approved while my package still sits at OPM? Doesnt anyone track cases so that they can be completed in a somewhat timely manner?? Do you have any advice for me on how i can get this moving again? The FSO at my place says they only intervene after the 6 month mark from time of submission, and honestly I highly doubt that even then whatever they do will make little to no difference…

From what you wrote, it sounds like OPM has your case and that means it’s under review. That’s the best news. For expediting a case; unfortunately there is nothing you can do. I hope your case is going through the channels but as you may read on this forum or others a final approval may take a while. I just hope your case wasn’t caught up with the shutdown. Your hiring agency should be tracking this because they need you to be working if they extended an offer….

Thanks inv74. What exactly do you mean by “caught up in the shutdown.” I keep in pretty frequent contact with the person I am going to be working for. Unfortunately, the security department does not step in until the six month mark, im only a few weeks away from that. Originally, my case was expedited when i submitted my EQIP…I guess that doesnt matter much in OPM’s eyes…

I mean about being “caught up due to the shutdown” is not on you but the paperwork and interview timing…Your entire case may have to be reassigned because of the date of your interview. It is possible, depending on your case type, the Investigator could not send your written interview out by 08/07/14, and your interview was sometime in 07/14?

Hi inv74,

Yes, my interview was on 7/25/14. And believe it or not, shockingly, my case closed on Monday December 15 2014 and the results were received by DOE 12/17/14. I don’t know exactly what in the world took so long, but I am just thankful that its back in DOE’s hands now. Now only if i had a clear idea of adjudication times…any advice? I know everyones different, but from what i have researched (and ive researched ALOT) my two issues appear to be insignificant and can easily be mitigated (hopefully).

Agencies have a requirement to adjudicate clearance cases within 21 days if no issues are present that require issuance of statement of reasons. Depending on the agency, workload, and issues it could fluctuate between 30-60 days.

Hawk: the particular DOE facility that you’re dealing with is regrettably experiencing a significant adjudication backlog. According to my HR contact (who is very forthcoming), cases are now averaging 2-4months to find their way out of the review process; cases with real issues (especially those with SORs) are taking 4-6 months and longer. No idea if it’s just “normal” for this particular facility, or if it’s a byproduct of the onslaught of USIS-investigated cases finally getting closed by OPM. So much depends upon the adjudicator’s pace, their workload, etc. In addition, you will need to factor in the holiday de facto shutdown into account, too. Things don’t return to “normal” until about a week after New Year’s.

Hopefully, you will be adjudicated quickly, especially since you are in for an L access level and appear to have a relatively clean case. If you’re not currently working, though, you might want to consider taking a short-term contract or part-time job to help pass the next several months.

Hey Skywarner,

Thanks for the info. I actually am working full time right now, but really want to start at this particular facility for the increased pay bump. I really think the USIS nonsense really jammed up everything, especially because of my relatively clean case and prior clearance status. I’m an honorably discharged Iraq veteran for christs sake, if you cant deem me fit for a clearance who would you deem, lol. Im just glad my case made it out of OPM finally. Unreal honestly, five months after an interview with an investigator just to close. I am pretty happy at this point though, just to be on the upward path to starting at this facility. I had to use the ace up my sleeve though to get this point…a certain person from a certain district is from my hometown (if you get what I am saying) and stuff moved extremely quickly from there. SO pretty much for right now, i have a paycheck coming in and am just waiting to start at this facility. Please keep in touch with any updates you have, as I and everyone else on this thread will appreciate it. (our thread has almost five hundred views, so that pretty much says people our tracking our information for their benefit and to me thats pretty important :slight_smile: )

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