Record of travel outside of the US

Hello. Does anyone know if the FBI ask for a record of travel dates outside of the US (in and out dates) when applying for a job ? I checked with the US Border/DHS/ website and found out they only provide such record for nonimmigrants or visitors, but not for US citizens. Where could I obtain such dates/record if needed ?

You would not be able to obtain such information. There are continuous monitoring programs used certain government agencies that can track exit.entry dates for a very small cleared population, but is currently limited to specific agency TS/SCI holders.

Do you still have the passport that you traveled with? You might be able to get some dates off of stamps in the passport.

Thanks for letting me know. From now on I will keep track of all my exits and entries.

I do, and I got only one date from there. The other exits were by land and I used my card passport, which of course does not take any stamps. Thanks, sbusquirrel.