Rehired federal annuitant Tier 1 concern

I retired from Federal svc a couple years ago. I recently applied for the same position I retired from. I interviewed, was selected, accepted offer and submitted the SF85. This is a Tier 1, low risk position. I worked for this same agency for 27 years. Twenty four years ago while employed with the Federal Government I was involved in a road rage incident with a his word against my word, landing me w/a misdemeanor. My attorney said the charge didn’t fit the definition of the so called “crime”. Rather than risk losing in court we went with the plea bargain. This was 1995. I’ve had one speeding ticket since. I have never been denied of a firearm purchase. Everything is spotless on my SF85. However, I am worried that my fingerprint check will reveal that one blemish. It sounds like I will be brought on board prior to the completion of the Tier 1 low risk background investigation. I fear the subsequent letting down of my soon to be coworkers more than anything, should this be a show stopper. I’m curious as what to expect.

Not a show stopper. With no repeated behavior, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this.

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Well outside 10 year look back, not repeated, stellar career in between, maturity of age and hind sight…I would say it is long since mitigated. But if asked, certainly speak to it.

While retired over the last 1 1/2 years I did work a part time job. I applied for two others, was interviewed and offered both. The one was a county transit position. No fingerprinting required for that one. The second one was in the airline industry. They require fingerprinting and my incident was flagged. They asked me what happened and requested court documents. I didn’t feel comfortable with providing the documents and told them so. At that point they were almost begging me to send the documents. It was a position where they had trouble keeping it filled.
This is an around about way of asking how the mitigation term is used in your response. If a sleeping dog is left alone, would any action to reduce the severity even take place? Ironically, I have put a lot of time into radon mitigation as a fall back occupation.
I really appreciate your prompt and encouraging response.

Thanks for the favorable response.

Why wouldn’t you supply court documents? If you’re not willing to discuss the incident and mitigate it (time is the greatest mitigation) you’re not going to get anything requiring a public trust or clearance. Are you going to a 25 year old incident derail you now?

That was for a part time job with a small airline. How would letting them peek at the disposition play a part in a future unrelated job?

“Road rage” is a pretty general description of the event. They are asking about because it could relate to anger issues, drug or alcohol issues or anything else. You’re being investigated. If you withhold information you are not going to pass the investigation. The issue is that THEY think that there might be something relevant there.

Look around this site at people having details of their live pulled open to be looked at . . . It doesn’t appear that you are even going for a clearance, you just have a background check going on. You have every right to not provide the information requested but you also have no right to get this job.

First off. I have every intention of complying should questions come my way on this government job. As stated before. I was planning on giving the airline my declination anyway. Why would my not discussing the incident with them, a private company I was no longer interested in working for, affect my current background investigation? Also, why wasn’t this incident flagged during the 25 years I worked for them after the incident? It’s same agency I am being hired for now. I’ll be starting before the bg check is completed.

Because it’s not that clear from your description who is asking for what and since this is a board for discussing clearance issues, I assumed that your issue was with a clearance. But, any employer that asks for documentation on something that pops on your background check isn’t likely to hire you if you decide not to comply, which is sounded like you were considering.

Why wasn’t the incident flagged during your 25 year there? They didn’t look for it. These checks are getting more and more sophisticated and it is certainly possible that they didn’t run anything on your background until they were looking to rehire you and needed to update all of the paperwork.

Like I said. I had changed my mind on the airline job. (A small private company) There was no reason to provide them with any additional information.

Your second paragraph was helpful and did provide the answers I was looking for.

Thank you.