Reinstatement backlog? Go to DIA in the meantime? Ask congressman for help?

How long does a reinstatement usually take? I have TS/SCI/FS since 2008 as NSA contractor and left a cleared position in summer 2016 due to a security incident (modified my user account as an admin for testing) and was walked off the contract. Company desponsored me for any cleared work and released me due to lack of available work (small company). In fall 2016, I accepted a contingent offer with another small company pending customer approval and transfer of clearance. Customer approved in Oct and company put in the paperwork for reinstatement. I thought this would be a couple of months process.

It’s now June (8 months since I signed with the new company, 11 months since I last used my clearance). The company FSO checks my status once a month and it still shows “eval 1 backlog.” I had a subject interview in Feb but that’s it. Does the fact that no company is holding my clearance currently affect the delay? Is it because I’m contractor? My old company has recently offered to bring me back to work on some cleared DIA contracts until this process completes. Apparently, whatever issue is occurring with my NSA clearance doesn’t affect DIA clearance?

Some friends suggested I contact my congressman for assistance but I don’t know what he can do or how to format my request. Advice?

As far as I understand, if you are trying to get a clearance reinstated with any kind of adverse action out there, you are more or less starting all over. If you had left in fall 2016 without the adverse action it would have indeed been a reinstatement and maybe it would have taken a couple of months, but I do not think your case can be considered a ‘reinstatement’ at this point.

If I am correct, then eight months is not a very long time. “Eval 1” sounds like some form of adjudication… is that what your FSO says? I’ve heard of “eval 1” and “eval 2” (and even “eval 3”) as being different phases of adjudication for certain agencies.

Hi. Yes, that sounds right. FSO said my case is waiting for be assigned an adjudicator. Mentioned eval 1, eval 2, and then approval. Guess I better continue with the DIA job in the meantime. Thanks for your response.

I have been in “Eval 1 backlog” status (other intel agency) for over 2 years now… I am a bit different because I am “single track” which means they are just adding the sci/poly… any movement on yours? This “backlog” seems a bit out of control if its as bad as they say it is… I am crossing my fingers it gets to “Eval 2” at least sometime here soon…