My contract is nearly up and my current employer tells me that a new employer must request that my DOS clearance be released to “JPASS”* but they wont give me the name or number of the form required to do so. Does anyone know the process or the name of the form?

I don’t know if this is anything you can do. Yes, an employer has to initiate some kind of transfer but it is a manual process and can take some time. I suspect this cannot be started until you have at least accepted an offer from a new company (accepting an offer used to be enough for them to start doing security stuff).

Yes I agree it takes some time but that was not the question. The question
was what is the name or number of the form or document.

There is no magic form or document to release a non-DoD clearance into the DoD system (JPAS). The gaining agency would have to look into OPM’s database where the DoS investigation data is stored and verify that you have a favorably adjudicated investigation at the appropriate level that is in scope and grant the clearance based on that.

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Thank you for that information. My current employer either couldn’t or
wouldn’t give me that information.

when you say can take some time, how long is typical? weeks, months?