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If you don’t have names, you can enter unknown and explain the situation in the remarks section. There are always situations that are not normal. However, MANY people are interviewed for background investigations. Neighbors, coworkers, friends etc… This is not abnormal and for the most part takes a few minutes and is not intrusive.

I can’t answer the question about when they should have told you. Maybe the job changed requirements and you now need access to it.

But you are correct, if you don’t want to do it, find a new job.

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I answered your questions.

You really don’t want to fill out the SF85. What are you trying to hide?

If is a simple form. If you have the job, and it wasn’t mentioned, and they want you to fill it out, something changed.

No you can’t be disqualified for saying unknown.

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If you were on probation, they can terminate you for any reason, obviously.

Should they have mentioned the additional background check? Absolutely.

Is it an actionable offense? No.

Sometimes you just have to go along to get along.

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Again, had I known that my “deceased” parents information; their DOB, address, and listing people who “knew me during periods of unemployment” and “who can verify , my place of residency,” I would have turned down the job.

Since you wouldn’t have taken the job in its current status, it seems that the easiest solution would be to just quit.


Why are you so agitated? It’s a simple form. You are overreacting like a teenager.


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Guess he/she took his ball and went home.