Rescinding Acceptance during investigation

I accepted an internship and signed a COE in May. However, due to recent circumstances in my family, it is necessary that I stay close to home this summer. I am currently in the process of getting a security clearance, and wanted to know if anybody has any knowledge on how to go about stopping the process and rescinding my acceptance.

Contact the organization that hired you and tell them. They will take care of the investigation.

I would recommend allowing the process to continue and simply decline position AFTER you are cleared. I know that this sounds unfair to your prospective employer but you should watch out for yourself first.

Allowing the process to complete will give you two years to start a cleared position without going back to square one. This means that you can accept an internship, or a job, NEXT summer without reapplying for a clearance. This will give you a clear step up on other candidates.

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I might be in a minority here… given the state of security clearance backlog, I would recommend you to wait until you have been granted a clearance. Thereafter, you can decide whether to take it or not. For what is worth, security clearance is a valuable commodity hence the advice.

Otherwise, like subsquirrel says contact your HR specialist or the person that offered you the job.

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I’m on the fence. Circumstances and life can change on a dime. But if you are adamant you will not have life change on you, contact the company, they will simply submit a form to end the investigation. But I would let it run its course myself.

You can stop the investigation - be mindful, once it is stopped - you can’t undo that action. You should tell the HR/Security person that you are no longer interested in the position. If you are contacted by an investigator - tell them you are not getting the job or that you are no longer interested. You may or may not be asked to sign an affidavit to the fact you don’t want the job requiring the clearance.