Resubmit a New PRI Due to New Contract Takeover

So this is an interesting one …

My prior company submitted my P-RI (T5) in Feb/March 2018 for processing; However, a new company bought out the current contract I am on (took over on June 1). Since my clearance was not assigned an investigator by June 1 and I switched companies (prior company was forced by the government to sell the contract), the federal government said my new company has to submit a new P-RI ?!?

I am still at the same job but working for a new company. My P-RI has been in the queue for 4 months (and counting) awaiting to be assigned an investigator. Now I have to submit a new P-RI and wait another 4 months maybe be assigned an investigator.

I was told by the government and the FSO submitting a new SF-86c would not fix this issue.

Has this ever happened to anyone before !?!

The important question is, are you still cleared and able to work on the program?

Yes and Yes.

The government got back to me THIS week and told my new company security and me for me submit my information again. I am currently in the process of updating my forms.

If it is with the same client I cannot understand the logic of submitting with the new company. As I see it you will go back to the “not yet assigned” batch. My contract is out for bid now. One of 4 bidding companies will win, and we will simply cross-over all the hired employees via spreadsheet. One cross over form signed one time by the COTR…all good. We will not submit new SF86’s for each. Same client, same clearance office.

Yes with the same contract and same government client … just different company. Pretty sad to be resubmiting my info yet again.

My contract along with 390 others is out for bid now. I stay on top of re-investigations so only those due in the month a new company wins (if they win) will be due. Otherwise I will cross them over via spreadsheet. One list, and a signed form from contracting officer. I imagine the client always has the right to re-investigate a set percent but I know they have their hands full with existing submissions and need not invest lists of employees to investigate without cause.