SCI Eligibility

Hoping someone can shed some light on what it means to have SCI eligibility? If one is going for an SCI for the first time does that count has possessing the eligibility? Have noticed lots of jobs that require either TS/SCI or to be SCI eligible, but the answers from a Google search were all over the place. Thanks

You need to have completed (and passed) a Counterintelligence polygraph. I don’t recall the expiration on them. Might be 5 years. Technically, everyone with a TS is SCI eligible until proven otherwise. CI polygraph details are not typically shared publicly.

For those who don’t know, SCI is Sensitive Compartmented Information. So, it is a type of access and it usually includes but does not always require a polygraph examination. Having a TS clearance eligibility doesn’t automatically mean that you are eligible for the access.

Here’s a good article on the subject: