SCIS vs CSRA. Which is better?


I applied in February and heard back from them in April. They emailed me and scheduled a telephonic interview the following week. At the completion of the phone interview they emailed me a writing assignment which had to be completed an returned to them in 15 minutes. Approximately one week later I got a conditional hire offer letter. which I accepted. Approximately one week later they sent me my E-Qip packet, which was to be completed and returned within approximately 72 hours. I met with my assigned OPM investigator about 10 days later. On 08/15/17, SCIS notified me I had passed my background and been approved to work the OPM NBIB contract. At that date, they informed me training would start on 10/9. On 09/15. they emailed me (us?) stating training was on hold indefinitely due to unspecified reasons, but they hoped to reschedule it for sometime this Fall (the last day of Fall in on 12/20 incidentally). Another person stated they were supposed to attend training in September, and after it was rescheduled twice they were put on indefinite hold as well. I haven’t heard back from them since. It’s safe to assume nothing will happen before the New Year with the approaching holidays, and several of us are pursuing other avenues. I will say the lack of communication is vexing… Good luck!


Sounds like early next year for you at this rate.


Dont jump ship just hold on


There was a tech issue that had to be resolved and don’t want no one coming in and being stuck pretty much after training so they want folks hires coming in with everything functional and ducks in a row. They want to hire you all but the time needs to be right and no issues at all so the train can keep moving smoothly and a good set of tires that last


I’m holding on tenaciously, however the need for a job and a progressively more irritated wife (getting worse as each day passes) are starting to force my hand. The ambiguity is the worst part. If they could provide a start date (even if it were to be in January) it would go a long way to keep me from getting divorced and to permit me to clearly plan and adjust our finances, if you know what I mean? My wife continues to point out that a promise to hire me will not pay our bills and feed us and that their lack of communication doesn’t bode well for the future. I think @Excop1957 is in the same boat, whether with or without the angry spouse. You reach a point when you have to go find an interim job that you may as well just look for a new full-time job, if that makes sense?


Well iam in contact hers in Arizona. Keeping fingers cross. I ddid find out a little more about SCIS. Sounds like an issue with upper echelon. Like you said cant wait forever.


Sadly it’s so. We last heard from them one month ago, at which time they implied they are optimistic of their opportunity to provide a start date for the NIT class this Fall. At this point if they gave me a signed [binding] job offer (not conditional) with a start date of 01/15/2018, I would fully commit and cease all my other efforts. I hate to be mercenary, but it is what it is. I suspect the more time that passes before new offers are sent out the more people they will lose, at an exponential rate. Have you experienced the Wonderlic yet Michael?


I just got offered a B.I Job here in Az. For I.N.S. really like there set up.
No the wonderlic is first thing i have to do. Then 2 weeks home on computer. Then off to virginia. The back for field traininng. The job offer same as what SCIS Offered. But I.N.S. Has more perks i wont say now what they are. But if you get a chance go over to I.N.S. Its worth it. They made me feel good about all areas of employement. If you get a chance let me know what to expect with wonderlic?


I did the Wonderlic and it didn’t go well (long story, had a bad night the night before I took it). I suspect how you do on it is VERY important, so I’d recommend googling it and taking the practice tests. Congrats on the offer! I haven’t heard back from ISN, so I’m guessing that validates my impression I didn’t do well. So you got a conditional offer from them prior to taking the test? I was really looking forward to them for the same reasons you mentioned, but I’m glad I took care of business like I did, despite the end result. Keep me in the loop, I’d love to know more!


What is CSRA training like, how long and where?



From what I understand it is two weeks of virtual (computer) training at your house, followed by two weeks of classroom training at their facility in Falls Church, Va.


Thanks purgatory, CSRA called me today.


The last email I got this week from CSRA stated 3 weeks at home online training (was previously 2), 1 week at their facility in Falls Church VA (was previously 2) then 2 weeks with a mentor in the field. No reasons were given for the change so I’ll have to find out.


@eleanorpat That’s really intriguing, I’ll gladly take one week out of town training over two. Thank you for the info! @Excop1957 Did you see this?


So I received a conditional offer from s c i s, completed my background investigation, and then received word from them that there will be no new training classes until the beginning of the year. I heard from them about a month ago, and now I’m starting to worry that perhaps they’ve lost the contract, or have no need for new investigators. Has anybody heard anything? I’d hate to have gone through this 8 month process just to be told thanks, but we don’t have any work for you now.


I was in the same boat, I was supposed to attend NIT with them in October, which was later cancelled and indefinitely postponed. I heard the September NIT class was rescheduled twice before it was indefinitely postponed. Thankfully, the awesome folks at ISN/CSRA picked me (and others from that group) up, and I’ll be starting my training in early January. Sorry to hear you got juiced, I would start looking for other options due to the fact you may be waiting a looong time for them. I can’t recommend ISN/CSRA enough, they’re always looking for good people and they are on top of their business. Good luck!~


Purgatory, how long did it take to hear back from ISN after you took the test?


It was about 10 days, but they were expediting the process for me.
Apparently I did ok on it though since they hired me.


Thank you for the reply. I am in Utah as well. Retired Federal Air Marshal.
Current TS/SSBI with DHS.
I got the call from recruiter yesterday. Took the test late last night (
which I probably shouldn’t have done ) don’t feel great about it but
hopefully that’s just me.

I was just curious if you get an quick response for pass / fail. From what
you are saying that is not the case.


I had the exact same feeling, I think it’s a cop thing (retired state LEO).
So far ISN has been fantastic to work with. I had an offer with another
company that was apparently having “issues” with onboarding new staff for
about six months, so I reached out to them mid October. I start my training
on 1/8, so we’ll see how it goes. From what I hear the new investigator
training is rather intense from a intellectual perspective. The one thing
about a career in this field is there is an abundance of hurry up and wait.