SCIS vs CSRA. Which is better?


Appreciate the feedback purgatory. I will be in touch if things progress.
Thank you again.


Great, best of luck to you! Keep me in the loop as to how things shake
out, and I’ll let you know how new investigator training is. Hope you have
a merry Christmas!


Will do! Merry Christmas to you as well!


Hi, I just joined the thread. If you get a chance to write about your experience training with CSRA I’d really appreciate it. I was offered a position back in Oct. and have been granted favorable clearance and they estimate I’ll start training in March. TIA!



Just received something from ISN. Is there a way to PM or email you


This topic seems to have gone quiet. Any news regarding SCIS? I am in the background investigation phase now. How long has the SCIS timeline been for everyone?


If you haven’t found out anything, check out my ‘timeline’ post here…


I just submitted the paperwork for for my NBIB investigation to gain clearance and work with SCIS. That was less than 2 weeks ago. I met with the lead investigator on my case and he said it should be wrapped up soon. I am hoping to begin training in August but have heard nothing back from SCIS since submitting the documents and fingerprints.


I got an email yesterday from SCIS just saying ‘it’s been 5 months, we’re still waiting on a clearance update…’. So at least they’re communicating.


Awesome. I am thinking that since i held a clearance before this request that simply expired mine may be quicker…not sure. I just got off the phone again with the lead investigator so they’re actively pushing it. I am glad to know they will keep communicating though. Makes me less likely to reach out prematurely.


So I just started the background investigation process for my clearance about 5 weeks ago. Evidently it is looking favorable as I just got scheduled for training in Herndon, VA starting next month.


I was just scheduled for training beginning Sep 7. Hopefully you will hear the same, and if not hopefully it won’t take much longer.


SCIS offered me a spot in NIT training in Herndon, VA, with the home-based training starting 9/7/18. I had to pass it up because I am a retiring federal Agent and couldn’t leave that soon. SCIS gladly worked with me and set me up for 10/5/18 training. I also know someone going to the 9/7/18 class.


Care to shed some light on how the BI interview process/questions went?

I’m curious as I’ll be finalizing my eQip this week and my prints were sent back.


I was also just assigned to the 10/5 training. I’m hoping all the delayed and postponed training classes mentioned in these threads are a thing of the past, and that everything goes according to plan.


Looks like I’ll see you there! 10/5 start date…


Things to be running much more smoothly this year for SCIS training. The 9/7 class started yesterday as scheduled. 10/5 class is still on schedule. See you in Virginia!


See you both there in October.


Our ‘virtual’ week of at-home training is less than three weeks away…anyone know when they’ll be sending the equipment out?

…edit: I just got an email from the tech company about phones…


I heard its the day before the Friday, so October 4th. That Friday is mainly setting up the equipment and on the phone with tech support. I know someone in the Sept class and they just finished Week 1 in Virginia. There are 39 in the class but split into two groups. He was very impressed with the training and the accommodations. Students are from all kinds of backgrounds and varied ages.