SEC contractor background check

I have question on contractors background check timeline. Sub contractor sent all forms OF 306 and said it is 2 to 4 weeks. Someone said it takes 2 to 3 months. I am trying to figure out what are steps and timeline for clean records. I believe it needs public trust clearance.

I appreciate your help.

If the only form you filled out was the OF 306, it doesnt sound like public trust. Maybe it will take only a few weeks.

Public Trust usually requires the SF-85 or the SF-85P (and in some cases the SF-86) all of which are separate from the OF-306, although some of the same questions are asked.

There is some kind of minimal background check that involves checking credit history and making sure you are not among the FBI’s ten most wanted :grin:

Thanks a lot sbusquirrel for clarification.

From previous experience I understand that HR send invitation to fingerprint and SF-86 via e-quip. Once filled out process starts and I think it requires lowest level public trust clearance. In case some has gone through process or has idea about it.

I think SF-86 is required at some point via E-QIP and it’s lowest level of clearance requirement. Some had it done in 3-4 weeks and some said 2-3 months. I am still trying to understand whole process.

Clearance and Public Trust eligibility are not synonymous! The ONLY form used for public trust is the SF-85P (Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions). The only for used for sensitive or national security positions is the SF-86. All investigation require an OF-306. A submitted investigation with a completed Advanced National Agency Check (NAC) which is a part of all investigations is usually required to be brought on/eligible for issuance of a badge.

I’ve heard of some cases where the position only requires public trust and no clearance will be granted, but additional checks need to be made because the duty location will be in a controlled facility.

Or something like that. And what’s an SF-85? Without the P?

If you look it up what is the name of the form? Also refer to this previous post:

Thanks Marko, I checked link and I believe this category applies

Non-sensitive Public Trust (Moderate Risk) no clearance TIER 2 TIER 2R SF85P

How to find related timeline and steps for this?

Can;t really provide any further advice,you should be discussing this with the POC at the company or agency for the job you applied for.