Secret security clearance timeline question

My husband has a job offer that is pending completion of a secret security clearance. He submitted everything for the clearance the week of Christmas and he hasn’t heard anything since. His current employer and one of his contacts have received questionnaires in the mail this week so at least we know that there’s some movement.

Im just curious if it’s normal to not hear from anyone after nearly 2 months. Should he have heard from an investigator by now? We are planning on moving across the country for this job and I’m super excited to find a house out there but I can’t do anything until his clearance is done and we have a start date for his new job…so basically I’m getting impatient :pouting_cat:

Which agency?

2 months without a response isn’t unusual.

The process requires patience and understanding “no news is good news.”

During my investigation for a Secret clearance which started in 2014, I NEVER got interviewed or contacted in any way by an investigator.

I eventually got an e-mail at work (I had been working on an interim) stating that my final clearance had been granted.

DOD and good to know that no news is good news! I just need to be more patient from what it sounds like.

What level clearance is it for? Some levels don’t require any interviews.