Secret vs Confidential Clearance


My application started August 7th (FSO sent in the info) and the BI closed sometime at or before September 10th (The day I called OPM and was told it was closed, but wasn’t told when exactly). The clearance I was told I would need for the job is Confidential level.

I was under the impression (from what I was told over the phone) that it was supposed to take only 2-3 months. I assumed it wasn’t 6+ months since it was only Confidential, not Secret or TS. I’m now just over 100 days in and I’m starting to wonder if I’m still going to take 6+ months to get my clearance.

Other than that both clearance levels are at T3, what other differences, if any, are there between the two regarding timelines and requirements? Information has been hard to find regarding these specific differences.

Thanks in advance.

I was curious on this as well and in the same boat. Since they use the tiered system now I don’t think there’s any difference between the 2 (confidential/secret) since there both T3. There both going to be investigated the same, and the adjunction criteria will be applied in the same manner. So I would expect identical timelines since same level of investigation and adjunctated the same. I really don’t understand why they break out the 2 anymore… at least that’s my understanding.

The investigation type (Tier) is not driven by the final clearance. A Tier 3 gets the same field work and adjudication for a Secret as it does for a National Security Medium Risk position.

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I get it then… same ingestigation/adjunction just different level of access for job duties. Hypothetically, if I were cleared for confidential work and within a year I accepted a position for secret level work… Would I not need to go through the investigation process again? I would assume no.

probably not if you were in the same Agency.

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So it looks like I’m going to go through the same wait as someone getting Secret, but only be able to work with information deemed requiring only a confidential clearance. Admittedly it’s not something I wanted to hear, but I’m sure I would’ve figured it out eventually when enough time has gone by. Thank you.

My 2 cents… I think it will be difficult, I don’t think it’s out of the question but unlikely. I would talk to your lawyer or probation officer about trying to shorten the length. Not sure if it’s a possibility, but they might consider it if you complete certain rehab type classes or volunteer work… And don’t worry about ed, he takes things to another level when it doesn’t need to be.

When does your probation end? When did or do you fill out your SF86? So far as I know, there is no hard and fast rule. My guess is that you will not be approved while you are on probation but you can certainly apply since it’s going to take 6 - 24 months for your final approval to come in.

The bigger issue, as I see it, is the underlying charge. The original charge, not whatever plea deal you got.