Section 13A and C

Filling out SF85P for the first time, have a question about an employer I left in 2014.

I was a part time contractor for a small company who paid me hourly and told me I would have to go fully commission based in February 2014, so I quit and found another job. It’s been years since I’ve spoken with anyone in the 5 person business, but I did not have good relationships with the two general managers who I know are still there. How should I handle this?

Job ended more than seven years ago? If so, you don’t need to list it in the employment section. If you think that your relationship with the former managers is somehow relevant to the investigation you can bring it up at the end (if you are interviewed) when you are asked if there is anything else you want to discuss. I don’t see how this would be relevant based on the little info you provided.

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