Security clearance and non-compete agreement

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I am new to this blog.

I accepted a new job with a defense contracting company and the company will be sponsoring for a security clearance application on my behalf. I am yet to see the non-compete agreement, but I think there would be restrictions on me working for similar businesses.

I am pondering about the possibility of continuing my current job on a part-time basis as a contractor while I do perform my full-time responsibilities for this new job. Would this affect negatively on the security clearance application?


Working for competitors is not usually allowed. If you happen to live in California or Maryland they don’t honor the non compete laws so you cant get sued in those states. I once told a potential employer in Chantilly, VA that i could work for them because my state doesn’t honor or inforce non compete laws. The H.R. lady rudely told me their company isnt in CA or MD.

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A friend of mine kept running into these non-compete agreements. He said one of them was written so broadly that it could be said that he would be banned from ever working from any other company ever again.

I’ve wondered about the enforceability (if that is a word) of these things.

I don’t think your proposed moonlighting arrangement would affect the security clearance process but as @RB22 notes, companies don’t like these arrangements. I have heard of some pretty innocuous sounding proposals not being approved… including one guy who was a security guard! The new employer said he could no longer work for his previous employer as a security guard on the weekends to pick up a few extra bucks.

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