Security Clearance Delay (2018)

I was told they overlook loan payments as long as you “defer.”

I’m a new grad at a contractor and not looking forward to this. At least my compant tries to find uncleared work for new grad hires temporarily so we can work until we get cleared. Don’t know if that’s just my company or becoming an industry wide thing.

Employers are doing everything they can to hire new grads and recent grads. Not only do they have the latest skills, they can start out at or near the bottom of the pay scale. And that’s still pretty good money but it is a lot less than the people who have been working for 10-15 years or more.

A number of companies set up unclas projects for the newly hired staff to work on while they are awaiting clearance. The competition is so fierce for science/engineering grads that they’re willing to eat this cost if they can hire the right people. Also these projects involve some of the latest technology and allow for a lot of flexibility and creativity… unlike the typical programs they’ll likely work on after they get cleared.:roll_eyes:

Plus the new grads don’t have as much history so their investigations tend to go faster :slight_smile:

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It has been 9 months for me waiting for a secret. None of my references have been contacted yet. Just silence.

Best part is I definitely need a TS afterwards…

Keep in mind that the investigators may have found other people to talk to, and you might not get feedback from them. This has been known to happen.

No idea if this is actually what happened in your case, but just wanted to point it out.

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Good point. Thanks for reminding me. Im sure that is the case, or they have yet to begin the investigation up to that point.

Is anyone else’s car stuck, because mines been stuck for quite sometime in this traffic jam.

It’s not a traffic jam. It’s a train wreck! 700,000 are involved in this.

Had been waiting for 2 years on a TS/SCI clearance. Submitted my SF-86 in April of 2016. Not much news since. Today I get an email saying that the “agency can no longer support the processing of my application” but that “I have not been denied a security clearance” and “can reapply to any position at any time”? What is this? Why would they stop supporting processing after 2 years?

For whatever reason, they no longer have a position available for you. It’s good news that it’s not a denial as you would have to report the denial on any future application.

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That’s when I submitted my paperwork too. One wonders insert thinking emoji

That just sux. What agency was it? And were you receiving any updates before this email? Did you reach out to your hiring component for more info?

And can someone answer why they just stopped processing his application? That’s awful.

The position could have been filled or they could have lost the contract that they hired you for. Happened to me, position went away a year into my clearance process, the company lost the contract.

So the position would be coming in as a contractor?

Can you say whether that was a contractor or a government agency (DoD etc)?

2 years wait & this is the reply. That really sucks. Sorry to hear that. I know many who are incredibly smart but just won’t apply for this reason.

Is that work days or normal days? That would make a huge difference.

I’m not sure what you are asking. I’m thinking this is a likely scenario for contractor work for certain branches of government.

Sorry, that was what I meant, possibly hired to work on a contract. Sux big time though. One of my greatest fears :frowning:

If you find another employer, they should be able to pick up your investigation where it was left. The same thing happened to me after one year and I found someone to pick up the investigation pretty quickly.

Well it was the DoD proper so i am assuming the job is no longer there.