Security Clearance Denial

I’m up for a TS/SCI right now. If I get denied the clearance, will this have any affect on employment opportunities with future employers who are NOT federal/contractors? let’s say if I get denied, I decide to go work for a bank - if they ask why I left my previous contractor job, would it affect me/reflect poorly on me that I got denied? I’m just considering worst case scenarios right now.

Are you currently employed by the contractor that is sponsoring you for a clearance? I assume this is for a contractor because a fed job won’t bring you on until the TS/SCI is final.

In the event your clearance doesn’t come through and they lay you off, you can just say you got laid off for lack of work. That’s the truth, because without a clearance they won’t have work for you. If the new employer doesn’t deal with security clearances then they don’t have to know and they probably don’t care anyway.

If you aren’t employed, then you won’t get laid off, and then you shouldn’t have to mention it at all.

But don’t worry, the clearance will come through… in its own time :slight_smile:

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That’s a little harsh.

Just kidding.


WHOOPS!!! Well I fixed it. I wouldn’t want to jinx anyone :slight_smile:

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