Unemployment benefits

I was recently laid off from my job and I am applying for unemployment benefits while I look for other employment. Is this going to affect my clearance process, I am very concerned, I’ve already passed my polygraph and from what I understand my application is now in adjudication.

Are you being laid off from the job that you needed the clearance for? That could stop the process depending on what actions the security officer takes and how quickly the government responds.

If you are getting cleared for a new job, I don’t think it will affect your clearance. Keep in mind that for future SF-86’s/eQIP’s you will need to list the period of unemployment.

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Thanks. It was a job that was unrelated to the clearance job. A start-up that went under, completely private sector nothing at all to do with the industry…

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No worries. Happens all the time. If an investigator left their card, update them. If they call you for more info, update. Otherwise, no worries.

thanks for you feedback.