Unemployment & performance

Three questions:

  1. I worked for a company for six months and was fired a week after the investigator interviewed my boss and the Director of company heard from my boss that I was seeking clearance. The Director told me on the phone that they no longer had work for me and that Covid-19 was the primarily cause, even though I knew the main cause was the interview. I immediately informed the investigator (who had already submitted his report) as well as my case contact and told them what was communicated to me on the phone and the the company displeasure of me seeking clearance (even though this wasn’t mentioned on the phone with me). However, the dismissal letter I received in mail few days later said poor performance as the cause of been fired. However, I’m worry that this will be an issue since I now have this letter in my possession. Will this affect me in any way if I don’t clarify it? Will this issue be asked during poly?

  2. I’m thinking about filing for unemployment because of the above issue but afriad that it might affect my process. What should I do? And if I do file for unemployment, will I need to call the investigator and case contact to notify them?

  3. Lastly, what’s your take on forbearance of mortgage payments during the Covid-19 especially since I’m unemployment for the time being?

Stop updating your investigator. Your interview is done and they can’t accept new information from you. Collecting unemployment or taking legal deferments on debt will not affect you if there are no delinquencies.


Thank you so much. This is such a relief