Security Clearance Reinstatement Process Question

Hello. A family member who is former military and was a long-time defense industry worker was recently discovered to have a drinking problem. It came to light after a DUI (accident; no injuries) with a BAC of .2+ (super extreme). After the judicial process ended, the family member lost his job, separated from his wife and kids, and is not currently working. I know (first hand; 100%) that he is still drinking, but he denies having a problem. He claims that his reinstatement papers just went before a federal judge and that he expects to have his clearance reinstated soon. I think he’s making it all up. I’m looking for a pointer to information about the actual reinstatement process so that I can accurately separate fact from fiction. His family continues to pin high hopes on his getting his clearance back and getting another defense industry job, but I just don’t see how that’s possible. Thanks.

In the ADR under alcohol consumption it explains the issues and what is needed to overcome them:

Thanks Marko. That’s good stuff. My follow up question for anyone listening is whether the family member in question is making things up when he says his clearance is now under review by a federal judge. As I understand it, once he lost his defense job, his security clearance went inactive and wouldn’t be re-instated without another job that requires a clearance. His story, however, is that there is a administrative/judicial review process under way now, the results of which would allow him to get his clearance reinstated if and when he has a need for one. That just doesn’t make sense to me given my understanding of clearances, but perhaps I’m missing something?

Perhaps he is referring to this:

If he had his clearance revoked it would have already gone through this process.