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Is there a way to know for sure if one will get interim and then full Clearance?
Since the Eqip goes back to age 18 how much of an impact can behaviors conducted as young adult have? No felonies. Just a few bumps in the road along the way over 15-20yrs ago.
Thanks for assistance.

Depends on the bumps and to an extent the government entity issuing the clearance. If they were 15-20 years ago it’s probably not too much of a concern and may even be out of scope. Read the form carefully to determine how far back to go.

We would need more information (incidents, government agency, mitigation factors) to give you a better answer. Hope this helps.

No . . . there isn’t . . . Even if there are no issues that would prevent you from clearing, depending on the agency, it might not happen.

As noted, “bumps” is a pretty vague term that could mean anything from a late credit card payment 10 years ago to selling meth . . . You have a pretty huge garage door to drive that truck through.

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Be careful… the 7 year and Ever questions can/do go past the 18th birthday. Only residences/education/employment have the 18 year old/at least two year rule.

A MIP 20 years ago as a 17 year old is reportable.


What does MIP stand for?

It’s minor in possession.

Here is the situation.
My current employer stopped my process stating the reason as I didn’t get Interim.
No further explanation. It’s coded as a discontinuance as of May 2018.
I am being sought by a recruiter who does sponsorship for secret on a permanent govt contract and I can start with an Interim. I had a concern about leaving current employer and not getting Full which would then leave me unemployed. The recruiter was respectful of my concern and allowed me to speak with their Security Dept.

It was explained to me that the likelihood of me getting in interim is iffy bc there wasn’t a denial but an interim declination. No flags but a recent declination that is beyond 120 days.
There isnt an explanation of what cause the declination. According to the manager the govt never tells why.

It was suggested to go back to my company and have them do another eqip or reopen the existing equip on the collateral side bc the interim denial has caused a hindrence for future sponsorships.
It’s either get a Full or get a denial and if denied, then I have to wait 12 months and then submit another eqip.

The govt looks at 10 years respectively, foreign national, credit, convictions, family members, interaction with Law enforcement etc.

Now if looking at the window of time, I did have some credit issues, did have periods housing court issues at all of which were paid and resolved, most recently up to 2017 and I did have a domestic issue that was later dismissed back in 2012 or 2013.

I’m not sure if employer is even providing sponsorship to anyone any longer.

Can someone provide some guidance on which way to go?