SF-86 for Air Traffic

So I turned in my e-QIP application last August (2017). I still haven’t heard anything (March), and my security POC doesn’t answer me. It’s been almost 8 months, and no interview or anything. Is this normal? I’m getting the clearance for a federal position. Also I should add that I moved to Michigan and informed my POC about it in October. Does that put me at the back of the list of interviews?

It’s normal and it’ll probably end up in your home state before it winds up at your place of employment, unless the SF shows you were working in MI at the time.

Sorry, but what will end up in my home state? And you’re saying it’s normal for me to have heard nothing after 8 months?

Yes . . . It’s normal that you haven’t heard anything. Sorry, but this isn’t a quick process and nobody will provide you with very much information. Your POC doesn’t have any information for you either.

I’m going to put together a binder of paperwork to hopefully keep my eventual interview organized. Is there a way to view my SF application answers so I don’t have to look up all the dates and numbers again? How would I go about getting my username and password for the opm website?

Your interview is scheduled to be conducted at the most recent employer listed on your SF.

You would’ve had the opportunity to save certified forms stored within eQIP prior to your access to the portal closing.

Your case may not warrant a subject interview due to the level of clearance. For secret, subject interviews are not automatically scheduled.