SF86 File Transfer to different state

Hello everyone,

I apologize if I am creating this thread again as I have looked for it and couldn’t find anything to post my question.

Here is my background and timeline and what to do next?

I worked for Company A in commercial world, no clearance required. Got burned out after 7yrs and decided to interview with a DoD contractor (one of the 5 big Aero & Defense company) in Fall 2017. Was offered a tentative job after successful interview rounds from Company B, who also submitted my eQiP. Btw, meanwhile I left company A and took another job offer with Company C (who doesn’t need clearance to begin with).

Fall 2017 (August/September): Interview with Company B
December 2017/January 2018: Tentative offer finalized with Company B
Feb 2018: Submitted my eQiP
March 26, 2018: Credit report run, Company A manager received the bubble/questionnaire to fill out
March 2018: Status - Eligibility Pending --> crickets after that
November 2018 - Quit company A and started working with Company C (they dont need clearance to start)
Feb 1, 2019: Got a call from an investigator in AZ (this is the location of tentative job offer with company B).

I was excited to hear that voicemail to call back the investigator back as i was approaching the one year mark since eQiP submission.
Investigator: I would like to schedule an interview with you to go over your file
Me: Sure, I am available for that
Investigator: Are you in AZ?
Me: No, I am in CA. (my address on eQiP has always been in CA, except that I recently moved to Southern Cal from Northern Cal)
Investigator: We can have an interview over phone, however I would want to verify your passport in person.
Me: Fingers crossed and then i hear…
Investigator: I would have to transfer your file to CA. Takes my new physical address and enters in the system.
Me: Any timeline on when I can be next contacted by the investigator?
Investigator: I know we in AZ are backed up, but in CA investigators are even more backed up.
Me: Nothing to say at this point, I thanked her and that was the end of conversation.

Waited almost a year to get a call from investigator, only to get my file transferred to another state. How in the world my file even went to someone in AZ, I am CA resident (although i had recently moved but still). God knows how long it will take now for new investigator to call me? Has this happened to anyone before?

P.S. My financial, background is all good. Only thing that investigator might want to ask question I believe would be I am a naturalized citizen and do have my mom in another country (friendly to US) that I frequently talk to and rarely talk to my extended family (the members were listed on my eQiP).

The files often get routed to the work location without looking at your physical location. The same happened to me when I was contacted by an investigator in MD while I lived in NJ AND the job location was in NJ but the company was based in MD.

You have to hope that you don’t fall to the bottom of the new pile. They should give you a little higher priority. In may case it took about seven month before I heard from the BI in MD and was called by a NJ investigator about three weeks later.

I hope so to Ed, that my files dont go at the bottom of the pile. In your case it seems that the second investigator after the file was transferred called you within 3 weeks after the first investigator called you? Is that correct?

A common issue is that Subjects will list the employer’s HQ address … then not indicate that the job location is elsewhere (usually people click the “employer/job location is the same” radio button)

NBIB process schedules the Subject interview to the listed job location OR the Subject’s residence if there is no current employment listed.

Thank you for the response backgdinvestigator. Just checked my submitted eQiP and this is what I entered.
Company B Headquarters : East Coast State (instructed by FSO from company B)
Company B office location (post start data): AZ
My Physical location: CA (and recently I moved to southern CA from Northern CA)

Not sure how it went to AZ instead CA. Hopefully this re-routing of the file wont cause additional 1 year delay until I hear back from new investigator. In your opinion do you think my file will get priority or will it go in a same bucket as it gets transferred to CA.

It is always sent to your current listed job location. Your FSO gave you bad info if they told you to list a job that you haven’t even started.

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I would have travelled to AZ for the ESI. It’s only about 4 hours drive from south CA. This is a common issue. My file was sent back to OPM by the adjudicator for clarifications. When they put my address in the system, they selected TN instead of TX. I got a call from an investigator in TN asking me if we can meet. I explained to him that I live in TX and that I’ve never been to TN. He transferred the file to TX and it took about 6 months for me to meet with an investigator.

Texas is always backlogged because of all the military bases and contract companies.

This DOD contractor bring top 5 Aerospace and Defense company and their FSO should have known better. Instead the candidate now has to wait months/years for the process that is already long and slow. Its unfortunate but I can only hope for things to move faster.

That may be the intent but I was living and working in NJ, looking to start a job in NJ but the company that was sponsoring me doesn’t have any offices here and is based in MD. My investigation initially went to MD.

So . . . It happens . . .