SF86 Question 21 Clarification: Break-up Counseling


To preface, the incident described below is recent enough to where it would qualify on the SF86 timeline.

  • On my own volition I went to a college counselor (on-campus) to discuss a then-recent break-up. After one session I was over the break-up but continued to go for the heck of it for 3-4 sessions (I enjoyed the conversations and engaged in philosophical dialogue).
  • There were never any prescribed medications.
  • I was never court ordered to go.
  • This was on my own accord because I’d rather handle the break-up with an expert than let feelings persist.
  • Am I in the wrong for answering “No” to question 21 on the SF86? My thought process on the situation tells me it is only personal grief.
  • If the BI asks one of my references if I have been to counseling and they respond “Yes” will this reflect poorly in my adjudication, or will I be able to clearly explain this in the BI interview?

Truthfully I have nothing to hide and am fairly open as an individual, however, I have already made a few addendums to my SF86 and would prefer not to resubmit it again, unless truly advisable.

Thanks in advance.

The event you described would not be reported on the SF 86. “No” is the correct response.