SF86C+personal security interview -- odd combo?

Finally some movement!! 570+ days in waiting for yay/nay on TS SCI.
Few days ago I got an email requesting to fill out SF86C and to schedule follow up personal security interview. I thought of that as odd combination rather… is it normal?
Thank you in advance.

Seems to me somebody else reported something similar, at least the SF-86C part. Better than having to submit an entire new SF-86.

Sounds like progress at least!

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For your information my process started in Dec 2017 filled a SF86C in Dec met the investigator couple of times , scheduled a full scope poly in March ,And Covid put brakes on everything.

All of the above despite have a TS FSP as a contractor i May 2017 ( so I am practically in clearance process since March 2016 )

So To @GeneratioonX bottom line some progress …

They are bringing your investigation “up to date” so not odd considering it’s for a T5.

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It’s very unfortunate and frustrating. I understand all the security concerns with an applicant’s international background. What would be beneficial is if the process would be somehow ‘transparent’, so the applicant would have an insight into the process of his/her status of application. Let say a governmental website of sponsoring agency were you can log in and see your SF86 status.

That would be awesome but I suspect that even if such a site was introduced you’d get something like the application status on USAJobs… that is, unreliable, confusing, and largely worthless.

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True-true!! I applied back in August 2018. My status showed and still shows “under review”. It’s never changed to “assessment” or “conditional offer” or “security component”. The wait is long, but wait without knowing where you are in the process is torture.

Gee, if is wasn’t for the Subjects, trying to not tell our adversaries (or criminals) critical parts of the process, and the need to run all of the developed and reported details down - the process could be very transparent. It would even work like an automobile assembly line.

Unfortunately, there are too many U-turns in cases to accurately show progress.

For instance, just today, I had a case where I had the last item, a clean case it appeared… then I was notified by the sole law enforcement (PD) that was the last item that I had to wait because the needed to run my request through their legal folks. Apparently my Subject “forgot” to report some very serious issues (this department would in the past tell me by phone if the issue(s) were common juvenile issues). Now the case expands and will be delayed, especially since the Subject lied about reportable issues that happened within the reportable period but when they were 17.

This scenario (true btw), “forgotten” residences, “sealed” or “expunged” court cases, omitted employments, “misunderstood” the term “ever” really does mean more than 10 years ago, and other errors that are discovered during the course of the investigation causes unexpected delays in the Subject’s investigation.

This doesn’t even cover when several pieces of abstract information are put together that creates an issue that requires additional digging. This is part of the review process.

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Way to many parts in the puzzle for that to work. One case can have a dozen Investigators working on pieces of the investigation. Once it’s marked as “closed” at least you know the investigation is done and now The Adjudicator is putting together all these pieces in order to get a “whole person” look at the case and working on a decision.

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