Should investigators be armed

Just wondering based on the sovereign citizen thread. Should investigators have the opportunity to be armed?

Not to take any enforcement action. But I have to imagine there are places where a badge and the words “government” and “investigator” don’t go over too well

When I was in the field I was told that 1. We couldn’t have any weapons. I was told to take my mace off my keychain. 2. If you don’t feel safe done go.

Since I covered dc a lot, I would often not go to certain areas because it wasn’t too safe and even had people request I do not come to their home because I May be mistaken as a cop.

Outside of that topic, my city is pretty rough, many areas I work in are quite dangerous. I legally protect myself at all times. Not because of what if, because I’ve been carjacked at gunpoint before and it’s a matter of when again and being observant of my surroundings. My daily safety is my main concern. Of course we do have the ability to refuse going into high crime areas, however…my entire city is a high crime area.

Well we aren’t allowed to be armed so moot point. I had more issues with packs of 4-8 Rottweilers and the like running around neighborhoods with grates on windows and doors. Trick I found was to open the driver side door and then almost close so it was open just a crack. Then I could run back to car and get in quickly. Fun times; not.


You aren’t allowed to carry a firearm, so not sure why anyway would admit they do.

I’m not an employee.

Not employee but you are an investigator. Pretty sure we can’t carry a gun while on the job.


So, I’m wondering since this topic was brought up, does your employer prohibit you from protecting yourself in your home since you work remotely? Are you prohibited by your employer from protecting yourself in your personal vehicle? I am working at all times I am in my home and in my vehicle with the exception of 8 hours that I am sleeping at night. Who determines where you protect yourself and when? You or your employer?

I don’t know what having a firearm in your home has to do with being armed when you are on the job. On the job means in the field investigating. It’s really simple why they don’t want you to. Cause when you are investigating people and in the field you are on their clock, which means they are liable for you. If you use a firearm they can be sued. Plus considering you don’t have the training, company training, company firearm insurances it can become messy fir the company. Plus, you are a BI, not a criminal investigator, so what is the real point.

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It appears there are assumptions being made here. Who would misrepresent themselves? If you are licensed to carry, have training, carry your own personal insurance and your firearm remains in your vehicle when you are outside of it, where lies the issue? The point is your right to your own personal safety and protection.

Your employer has the right to tell you not to carry while carrying out your duties, representing the company with the public. There MAY be states where this is not true. However, even in those cases, there is not going to be an issue in your home or in your car.

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Thank you @EdFarmerIII