Previous Employment and the Ability to be Re-Hired

Hi Everyone,
I recently had my BI interview. One of the questions that was asked of me was concerning if I would be rehired at my previous job.
At my previous job I worked in an administrative capacity. It was not yet classified as law enforcement where you are required to carry a gun. When I voluntarily resigned (gave 90days notice) to relocate with my family, my position had officially changed. In order to get hired you had to pass a background check and be able to carry a firearm.
I answered truthfully by saying “no” because the position now requires that you carry a gun. I explained that due to hearing difficulties I do not meet the standards to carry a firearm.
I have no issues regarding mental health, no substance abuse, no criminal record, clean credit. No suspensions or reprimands.
I have handled sensitive information and abided by protocols at all times.
I’ve listed all my foreign travel and contacts.
Would this in and of itself disqualify me? I am not applying for a position that requires me to carry a firearm with the federal government.

Thank you for your honesty and time. I appreciate it.

The rehire question is in regard to leaving the employment under unfavorable circumstances, not that you no longer qualify for a position.


Duh, just realized the original post was from two years ago. Long day.

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