Previous Employment and the Ability to be Re-Hired

Hi Everyone,
I recently had my BI interview. One of the questions that was asked of me was concerning if I would be rehired at my previous job.
At my previous job I worked in an administrative capacity. It was not yet classified as law enforcement where you are required to carry a gun. When I voluntarily resigned (gave 90days notice) to relocate with my family, my position had officially changed. In order to get hired you had to pass a background check and be able to carry a firearm.
I answered truthfully by saying “no” because the position now requires that you carry a gun. I explained that due to hearing difficulties I do not meet the standards to carry a firearm.
I have no issues regarding mental health, no substance abuse, no criminal record, clean credit. No suspensions or reprimands.
I have handled sensitive information and abided by protocols at all times.
I’ve listed all my foreign travel and contacts.
Would this in and of itself disqualify me? I am not applying for a position that requires me to carry a firearm with the federal government.

Thank you for your honesty and time. I appreciate it.

No, I dont think there’s anything to be worried about. You explained the situation.
What they are looking for is excessive tardiness or absenteeism, bad conduct, trouble with coworkers, poor performance, etc. you name it; not that you can’t go back to a job because the requirements changed and you can’t meet them due to a physical disability. It’s two different worlds.

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