Silence on BI and clearance process, 7 months counting?

I recieved a Direct Hire CJO from an IC agency in April 2018. Although there was initial movement on the BI front, nothing has happened for the past 7 months. I have still not done a poly or psych, BI was going well but has completely stopped and definetly not finished.

I’ve been told to stay patient but am beginning to wonder if my file got lost or if something went wrong. Is this long of a silent gap normal? Is there anything I can do about it? I don’t have congressional representation.

I’m not sure what you mean by not having Congressional representation. DC and US territories still have Delegates to Congress, which may be able to help in this process. For instance, Delegates from US territories still get the same number of nominations to the US service academies as do their Representative and Senator peers.

Your first point of contact should be your FSO.

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Most timelines have been looking like yours. Most have done poly/psych and then the next month we’re offered FJO so I wouldn’t worry much. Does your recruiter tell you to wait patiently? I would follow up every month or two with recruiter if they are responsive. I know there isn’t a way to contact the FSO.

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Yeah recruiters are great and appear to be doing what they can. Glad to hear that I don’t sound like an outlier.

so many acronyms… can I ask what FSO stands for? - is that the recruiter from the company?

Facility Security Officer - This is an employee who is responsible for the management of clearances and cleared personnel at the “facility” level. Small companies may only have one who is responsible for employees at all sites while a large company could have one or more at each location.

It COULD be your recruiter if it’s a small company but it is not likely.

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