Small amount of unreported income


Have a job offer contingent on clearance.

Worked a second weekend job as a bartender concurrent with other full time employment until 2007. Stayed friends with the owner and helped out a few times a year from 2007 to 2011 when she was short staffed. Sometimes took no money, at most got a few hundred in cash in a year but have no records or memory of the exact amounts. In general I didn't want a job and did it as rarely as possible without leaving a friend in a bad spot. In 2012 another bartender broke his wrist and owner asked me to work weekends for about 1.5 months. I agreed but had her put me on the payroll and I declared the income and reported the employment on my OGE 450.

Fast forward to today and my sf86 and the question about failing to pay taxes. I never got a w-2 from the random times I helped out and didn't declare any income. Another friend - who has a clearance - says I'm over analyzing the situation and should not worry about this. I wonder if I should say I had some small amounts of undeclared income and try to explain it. If I do that what are the chances I will not get my clearance?


If your employer did hot withhold or report salary paid then you have not failed to pay taxes. You are over analyzing it, the concern is not filing or not paying your taxes as reported by your employers.