Started job- public trust?

Hello all, I started my position last week, and I need to obtain a moderate public trust clearance. I submitted my e-qip on July 5th and started my position on the 9th.

I received my PIN and I started my online training this week.

When should I hear back about the clearance? Does receiving a PIN indicate a favorable suitability?

Thank you so much!

Hi, public trust is not a clearance. The are just basic suitability checks. Most MRPT investigations are trending towards 6 months to over 1 year to complete depending on the individual.

I asked my mentor who said that they would not have given me a PIN if I did not clear the suitability review. I am confused! Maybe they just didnt email me with an update and would have only if something was wrong?

Oh you cleared the initial suitability review. That is just a small criminal check with fingerprints. Your MRPT will take some time to be fully completed.