Started job without clearance

So I accepted my job offer with a DOE contractor. Im sorry, the money was too good to pass up. Although I think I have a decent shot at being cleared, why did/do some contractors go ahead and let you start (after doing their own 7 year pre BG check) if they really dunno you will clear or not. Had first day today, heard some employees saying took them 2 years and the contractors never let them go. They just waited while steadily paying them for long time and barringthem from classified info ?? :thinking::thinking: (TS CLEARANCE)

Some employers also have uncleared work that you can do until your clearance is resolved.

Some companies do a really good job of this and if you pass their screen they have a degree of confidence you will get cleared.

In addition to what @EdFarmerIII said, in some cases there is enough competition for talent that they want to hire people before they go elsewhere.


And if the money is too good to pas sup…well, I think we all understand that.