Suitability Failure at NSA

Does anybody know what happens after suitability denial at NSA? Sounds like there’s opportunity to reapply after one year, but what is the realistic outcome there? Any anecdotal success stories of getting hired after failing once or is it a lost cause at that point?

Kind of sad to have wasted 6+ months on all the traveling and testing to just end up at square one. There are of course some upsides, such as not having to take a pay cut (got a better paid job elsewhere WHILE processing after CJO). Plus won’t have to be dragging family into much pricier Wash-Baltimore area and having to maintain a clandestine sort of lifestyle.

Still kinda feel conflicted about the whole thing.


That’s all? People wait years for their clearance alone, nevermind the rest of the process.

Calm down, James Bond. NSA has a prepublication review office and judging by the profiles on Linkedin, it seems like you can say whatever you want about your work at the NSA.

I guess it depends on the reasons for the denial. Some things resolve themselves with time (such as recent drug use which used to be a big deal, now I don’t know) while other things are more difficult to mitigate such as foreign contacts, especially family ties to people living overseas.

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Thanks for chiming in, but I would hope you had something more valuable to contribute…

Yeah, I’m still not clear what happened there. Requested privacy act to see if they can share anything that would explain what they found “not forthcoming” about my processing. I actually thought I had the job to be honest. Would love to see my records for clarification.