T5 DoD Timeline Inquiry

For those with more experience in this subject than I, perhaps some might can be shed on what to expect next/remaining timeline. US citizen (born). No foreign contacts. Family all citizens (naturalized many years ago). Four international vacation trips in past 10 years. Clean record, no arrests or record, no drug use, zero debt. New clearance application (not upgrading).


  1. SF-86 submitted - 4/20

  2. Fingerprints submitted - 4/20

  3. Initial BI interview - 6/20

  4. References & previous employers contacted and follow up questions - 6/20 through 7/20.
    Interim granted 7/20.

  5. Radio silence until follow up call to review material on 11/20.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the club! No one has any idea about a timeline these days, especially with COVID situation.
I am in the same boat with you: DOD client, new application, clean record…but a lot of foreign trips (all friendly western euro countries). Submitted SF86 in November 2019, initial BI interview in December and they started contacting people on SF86 the same month. BI completed in April. Since then nothing until about 2 months ago when my contractor asked me to submit something called “Horizontals”. It’s more paperwork going into more details about ALL foreign travel I had since immigrating into the US among other things. It’s been a month and a half since I submitted all that and all I heard back after contacting my contractor processing it was “it takes a long time to complete it and you are not the only one I am working on”. Without these things complete they, apparently, can’t send me for the CI and a poly.
Does anyone have any experience working on these “Horizontals”? How long can these things take…?

Thanks for sharing your experience.