Taking a financial course

Would taking a financial course help your SOR to get a clearance. Shows you are willing to progress forward to take care of your debt

I only investigate, not adjudicate, but if I’ve learned anything from DOHA hearings, it’s that if you’ve only attempted to resolve financial issues after receiving an SOR, it looks like the SOR itself would be the trigger for resolution, and would showcase an unwillingness to resolve issues prior to receiving it.
Could I be wrong? Maybe. But it’s a common argument for denying eligibility.

Financial counseling/education before the interview is a mitigating factor, I am not sure how it is reviewed when started after the Subject interview, as DNR replied, I’ve never read where it helped after you were sent the SOR.

Alot of the folks I interview for financial with current clearances that get in trouble usually have one issue in common: they kinda, sorta, well, forgot to report the financial issues when they happened - instead of waiting until the holding Agency learns about it from a periodic review investigation (or someone reported to security).

If you are an initial clearance applicant - sorry - the best time to have taken the financial classes/counseling would have been before the Subject interview - then the investigator would have the chance to gather the information for mitigation.

good luck with your appeal.

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