TDY in New York City for contract investigators?

My question is directed to investigators who have worked in New York City. I’m sure others have HOT TAKES, but I am looking for insights from investigators who have actually worked there, be it salaried or contract.

I am a contract DCSA investigator. NYC has been offered a lot lately as a lucrative TDY location – I’d get about twice per item as what I get at home. I can gross about $1,500 a week without working super hard at home, a basic major league sport city that is not super hard to drive in.

I love NYC, I think I know it pretty well - been there more times than I can count, spent a lot of time in all five boroughs - but I worry that I’d roll a lot of RT/UC donuts with buildings I can’t get into and that I’d burn a ton of time on the subway. OTOH even if I did just an ESI a day I’d still come out ahead.

Thoughts from NYC folks?

I have done TDYs in NYC, as long as you are zoned properly then it’s a piece of cake. I walked to most of my interviews.

I worked in northern NJ and spent a few months helping out in NYC. Its a good experience. Just keep in mind during the summer it gets wicked hot/stagnant, especially in a suit.

thanks for the on point replies, guys. I appreciate it. For the TDY stuff do they give you just one borough? One neighborhood? my nightmare scenario is a ton of in-person RESI attempts all in various faraway places

If you can get Brooklyn over Manhattan, it’s MUCH easier. Manhattan was a nightmare on a TDY and I’ll never do that again.

If this is DCSA contract TDY sources and records can still easily be obtained by phone. All you need to do is ask the source/providers if they prefer a phone or in person interview and for the last 6 months I have found 90 percent of them prefer phone.

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I may be wrong but my belief is that no TDY fees are paid for telephone testimonies. Only for in person work.

I did a TDY to NYC and it was great. I had mostly upper Manhattan, 3-4 items in lower Manhattan and one Staten a island item. The state island item was a ESI and he came to me and I took and Uber to lower Manhattan twice to get everything done. Most other items were walking distance from my hotel, if not I took an Uber. I also looked at all my work prior to going and tried to pick a hotel that was close to a lot of my work. If I had a chance to do it again I definitely would.