Terminated by Mutual Agreement for Unclear Reasons

I was terminated by mutual agreement because my goals did not match those of my previous employer. I was never given a thorough reason for what this meant, aside from I was not a good “cultural fit” within the group. My suspicion is I was part of a budget cut, but my prior employer is not likely to admit that if asked. I now have to disclose this for my GS-14 job. How should I phrase it? Should I notify the hiring manager before I fill this out on my paperwork?

Was there any sort of disciplinary action or performance improvement plan before you were let go? Cultural fit sounds kind of racist/sexist/whatever. Perhaps skills mismatch is a better description. If there was no disciplinary actions involved chances are it’s just a reorganization/lay off/reduction in force.

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Were you in a federal position regarding the mutual agreement termination? Did you receive an Annual Appraisal/Performance Appraisal? If so, that is definitely a big no-go! In agreeance with Weeble, you should have been put on a PIP if there were work related issues.