Thank you everyone for your help during this process

My Interim Secret clearance was adjudicated favorably and is now an official secret clearance. Not having had a clearance since the 1980s, having disclosed some issues I’m not comfortable talking about with anyone, and the fact that an unfavorable adjudication limited my job opportunities considerably, created a lot of stress for me. YOU, all of you, did a lot to educate, inform, and generally make the whole thing less of a nightmare in my mind. So, I want to say thank you to all! This blog is appreciated more than you know helping me hang in there throughout the entire process.


Outstanding! Thank you for posting. It is helpful to see past denials be overcome, mitigated by new conduct favorable to the applicant. Nobody likes the concept of a one mistake world. This gives great hope to those having past denials! Thank you again for the positive note.