Its been a rough ride.

Guys after scouring these forums and making my own posts regarding my concerns… I can finally join the ranks and say that I have been favorably adjudicated for SECRET.

Submitted sf-86 on May 10th 2017
BI interview October 9th 2017
Investigation closed on March 29 2018
Favorably adjudicated on May 2nd 2018.

Almost exactly one year. Thank you everyone who’s given me advice or even took the time to read my posts. Its been a rough ride!


Under a year! Yes . . . Only by a week, but still . . . Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Congrats! Whew! Did you follow up with the agency/recruiter from time to time to ascertain status?

can I ask what Agency your secret is for, ie, DoD, DoS, DHS, etc. Thank-you

Yes I was an annoyance to I’m sure. I called and emailed ALL the time. I bet my FSO was relieved to give me the green light.

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Ha! Nice catch. My hire date was May 1st, so I was going by that for some reason lol. You’re right though. Under a year! And thank you, I’m happy to join the club.

I work at one of the NASA centers. Won’t say which agency.

Outstanding. Now continue to live within the guidelines and pursue the TS.

I feel better to hear that! I have been wondering whether my follow-ups may be perceived as a royal pain in their asses, but really, who cares. They can’t expect folks to twiddle their thumbs in the dark so I will continue to be annoying. Congrats again!