The Joy of working on large DoE sites

I wanted to share that not all BI work is frustrating and unappreciated.

I recently went TDY to a major DOE site for three weeks. To those that know, yes - it was like chumming the water while fishing for sharks.

The cases were fairly clean and the security clearance applications were filled out with very minor common errors (usually the dates mom used her maiden name). Issues, when present, were reported on the form and Subjects/supervisors/coworkers freely discussed the issues during their interviews.

Even the two issue laden cases were already known by DOE and the primary contractor - documentation and knowledgeable sources were easy to find.

Supervisors and coworkers, even program managers, Directors, and VPs made time for their interviews and were candid during the interviews. Neighbors called back. Friends made time to discuss the Subject’s on the same day they were contacted.

I was completing two to three whole cases each day, often typing and transmitting the cases that evening.

The really good thing about doing DOE cases is the fact that DOE constantly screens their employees and contractors… meaning they don’t wait for the NBIB investigator to do the investigation to clear out their problems.

I am not saying DOE security is perfect, but it was nice to spend three weeks working where everyone gets the importance of security and they help with the background investigation process.

Did I mention that my stats reflect that I have 1.6 months of work transmitted in February and I still have this next week to complete?

I am now back in the DoD world (with a lot of non-DoD agencies also contributing to my work) fondly recalling the three week workation and looking forward to my next DOE TDY.

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It’s always nice working in locations where the process is a breeze and every person you need to interview is located in the same facility or area. I’ve gone TDY to California a couple times and some spots are a nightmare to work, especially because of traffic. A couple weeks ago I was able to do 5 subject interviews in one day, along with a coworker and supervisor for each subject, all because they were in the same building. My numbers were amazing for that week, lol

I have gone TDY to northern California DoD sites, one in particular I won’t mention by name but was absolutely the worse. No cooperation from the base all while they were having fits because their cases were not being completed.

One service branch would not even help me track down the Subject’s in their unit then were upset when I told them I was returning their cases as incomplete (i.e. back to the bottom of the area pile) because I didn’t have the time to play their games… I did the cooperative services instead.

I have also declined to return to that training base because of the overall lack of institutional cooperation from the base and two of the services.

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I experienced something similar while tdy in northern Cali. It was pretty ridiculous at times and makes me appreciate the home area I work in a whole lot more. I’ve got it pretty easy where I’m at