Tier 5 investigation

My company is initiating the process for a tier 5 investigation on me. However, we’ve been informed that no clearance will actually be granted. My question is, assuming the investigation goes well and there is favorable adjudication, would I be able to apply for a position that requires a Top Secret clearance without having to go through the investigation process again?

Depends, do you mean a position with the same company? Then most likely. I recently left a contractor position doing DoD work and went to work directly for the DoD and a new investigation was not required as I had one done within 5 years. If you’re planning to go to a different agency/employer, not guaranteed. Something like the IC? Highly unlikely.

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Maybe. Depends on who the new employer is and what customer would be sponsoring you. Make sure you find out the date that the investigation completes, that is a useful bit of info to have. That’s when the reinvestigation clock starts ticking.

Your not granted “access” by your Company BUT your investigation will still show as “determination of eligible for SCID 6/4 or TS/SCI if it truly was investigated and adjudicated. And yes, any company can pull that investigation up and establish an owning or servicing relationship with you and grant you access based off that favorable adjudication.