DoD T5 and SCI Eligibility

tl:dr - If I have a valid DoD T5, am I able to tell a prospective employer that I’m “TS/SCI eligible” or only “TS eligible”?

I’m looking to make a jump from my current role and leverage a current T5 I have, but I’m finding conflicting info on the SCI bit. When my TS was active, it was just collateral - no SCI. Never been read into anything. I’ve been told that adjudicated T5’s include SCI adjudication, compared to SSBI’s, which didn’t.

Is my T5 sufficient enough to tell a prospective employer I’m “TS/SCI eligible” or just “TS eligible”?

I tell them I have a positive adjudication on a T5 clearance because that is the most accurate thing I can tell them and if they require a clearance they should know what that means.

I wouldnt use the term sci eligible, if you indicate you have a TS and would only need to be read into programs if considered, the caveats for this potential job would follow. If they already know you have a TS you should be on the way and leave it at that. Or, indicate you have a TS and if selected for an SCI billet, what is needed to be read into the SCI caveats. Good luck-

I used to have the officially approved verbiage, it was something like “eligible for access to XXX based on favorably adjudicated YYY dated mm/dd/yyyy.” I’d say you are not eligible for SCI based on what you have said; however, some customers will upgrade you fairly quickly while others may require a new investigation.

Do you have the date of your investigation? Take my fragmented verbiage above and say you have a TS, that will be good enough for many potential employers.

It really depends on what your employer requested (if they checked the SCI box for your T5 investigation…).
You should ask your security folks.

They may have sent you an email along these lines:
-T5 from [xxx agency]: Closed on xxxx-xx-xx. 5 years from this date is when your re-investigation needs to be started.
-Determined Eligibility of [SCI…] from [XXX] on xxxx-xx-xx