Timeline 2023 Thread

Folks, anyway to know the status, have been waiting forever.
Does putting in an enquiry through congressman help?
I am thinking of putting one as this is causing undue hardship.


This is my current timeline for a TSC/SCI with a three-letter agency.


May-Submitted SF86. Passed CI Polygraph.

July-Investigation started.

September-Investigation ended. File was sent to adjudication.

No news since then. Just a generic email saying they will let me know when I would get adjudicated.

I understand I could hear from them tomorrow or in six months. I recently finished my master’s degree and I am stuck working retail until this goes through. Really want to start my career already. Any comments are appreciated.

Same timeline for T3 here. My company sent in a CSR asking them to adjudicate a month and a half ago. Still nada.

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Don’t put your career on hold over this, isn’t there any other job you can take at the same time?

Just move on and work on your career. You really will never know how it works out. Even for me who is already in, I am still trying to develop my non-classified skills, have heard people’s badge turned red over things you would never thought of.


Hey there. Pretty much the same situation here. Finished my Masters in May and have been waiting since. Tried to find other jobs, but they want commitment. Definitely hurting to hear back.


@Hypersonic Commitment as in signing a contract for specific length of time? Otherwise no one is obligated to stay anywhere against their best interest.

Thank you for your reply. At the moment no, but I’ve applying to non-classified positions at other Federal Agencies and some NGOs. Looking at local/state law enforcement positions as well. I majored in security studies so everything I’m really interested in either requires a clearance or has a really long application/onboarding process. I’m staying positive and keeping my options open.

I also have been waiting since July 2022 for a Secret clearance with DHS. My completed background investigation was forwarded on March 1, 2023, to the Adjudications where it is still pending as of Dec 28th and there is no word how much longer it will take before final approval/EOD. The OSI keeps sending a stock email to keep my patience as it takes much longer and is sometimes complex.

Hello to all, thank you for all the many positive messages from this thread. I for one, know that it can be very frustrating seeing so many others timelines, just zip on past your own, so although the post is meant for encouragement, it can become someone’s strife and misery all together. So, I thought I would go a different route to offer support, positivity and some humble advice, respectfully.

For those that are struggling in the unknown and feel that they have been waiting beyond the given time towards full clearance. Here is my timeline

CJO offer: 7/12/2023
eQIP or SF86 submission: 8/10/2023
Today’s date of posting this message: 3/01/2024

I have not been contacted by a BI, or been called, no poly, psych or anything as of yet. I just recieve a very kind, short and thoughtful check in email from the hiring manager at my would be location, if an FJO is received, about once a month to ensure that I’m still in the process. Im over day 200. Personally, this entire process is out of my hands, out of my control, beyond as well as ABOVE me. It’s either going to happen or not. What I have done that’s helped me in this situation of constant waiting is:

  1. I have dove much deeper in my marriage to become a better husband (including for the first time marriage counseling). Dramatic results.
  2. I have dove much deeper into becoming a better father with my son and spend alot more time with him while working on my patience with him. My new best friend.
  3. I started training for a full marathon right after I submitted my eQIP. And run at nights. Marathon Completed!
  4. I dove immensely into my job, taking on new roles, responsibilities, leading and driving teams, quality events as well as projections and tasks. I give the absolute best 8 hours I can give when I go into work. Sometimes think about my job solutions at night. Another promotion is right around the corner.
  5. *Dove immensely into my Faith in a much more dramatic way as a Christian, especially trusting and being comfortable in the unknown and walking in it.
  6. I have got back into volunteering much more often, which has actually brought me alot of happiness Personally.
  7. Zero Social media

Those top 6 topics alone have taken mostly all of my time and have helped me stay focused on what it is that I can control instead of what it is I cannot. Because if I do not get this final job offer in the end. Regardless of what happens next, I have become an extremely much more better version of myself only because of this enduring process, for all of the reasons listed above.

Lastly, a huge huge thank you to everyone in this group chat, yes background investigators too ÷). You are what makes this country amazing and it gives me hope that there are good people in this world who are willing to go after something very enduring, in order to keep our country safe from threats. Thank you, even if we don’t get in, it’s OK, we chose to do this for the overall good and betterment of our country. Thanks


Haha! Check this out:

First job offer August 2022
E-Qip compelted October 2022
Second job offer from same company April 2023
My ESI July 2023

When we originally started back in 1999, PRSI did not happen until 2001.

That said I have had several cases assigned after CD and after 6 month window. Did the backlog ever actually go away?

Now unemployed for a week and praying I do NOT have to fill out another E-Qip when I get picked up.

Oh man, sorry to hear that sir. Hope everything works out in the best way for you. :pray:

Hi all,

No update on my case since 2 years.
Anyone know if there is a way to reach out to check on the status of my background investigation?
Also i had raised a congressional investigation even that did not help.
Timeline : offer feb 2022.
Questionnaire : SF86 verified Jul 2022 after that pin drop silence.
I have not heard anything else.

Does your recruiter not check in with you at all? That would be the first place I would check as they could contact the SSO to look at the status.