Timeline for NAC at OPM

Wondering if anyone is aware of current timeline for OPM/NBIB to conduct a NAC in support of Tier 5 BI? Called OPM yesterday on investigation status, who told me that my field portion of investigation was completed at end of Feb & sent to DHS; current step is for OPM to conduct NAC. Once complete, NAC sends back to DHS for ajudication.

It depends if you have a ‘hit’. If you do, could be very long as in 6-12 months. I do know OPM is very backlogged with the NACs

NACs are initiated immediately when the case is received by NBIB/OPM. This is a automated system function.

NACs are normally initiated before the regular field work is scheduled. I wonder why your NACs were scheduled last - unless something was developed that required the NACs to be reaccomplished.

Thanks for the insight; would appreciate any additional insights you can provide. Biggest question for me is as I was told that my case had Expedite on it, does this mean the NAC is expedited, too? Regarding my situation, think part of reason for NAC not being completed up front is how fast my case has moved - I accepted a temp job offer from DHS in Dec 2017 & turned-in SF86 in early January; contacted by a DHS (not OPM) Contract Investigator just 2 weeks later, who interviewed me just 2 days after contacting me. Field part of my investigation was completed at end of Feb & sent to DHS HQ, who I’ve been told sent to OPM/NBIB for NAC; I called NBIB for an update this week & was told that NAC status has not changed (NAC still in progress), but shouldn’t take long as NBIB was only doing NAC. My assumption is that once NAC complete, will go back to DHS HQ for adjudication. Also, was told by Investigator that my case had Expedite all over it; hence the very quick action. Also, have held a TS/SCI for 21 of past 25 years (all but the last 4 years), held a Secret clearance for 2 of past 4 years. So this is something like my 6th TS background investigation/SF-86 in past 25 years. So based on current pace, am expecting a phone in weeks vice months. But who knows? Thanks in advance for any additional insights.

Expedite in the NAC process doesn’t really mean very much except your NACs might be reported individually instead of as one report.

An expedited case means you move to the front of the line ahead of non-expedited cases for initiation and follow through. (Priority is higher than expedited for instance) It does not always mean your case is completed quickly, it means your case is worked on quicker. Your issues, SCA submission, and developed information drives the timeliness of your case.