NACLC taking long

Is it possible for your NACLC to take longer then the actual investigation? I’ve been interviewed and my neighbors have been talked to, but my NAC has been open for 7 months now.

Why did I assume something that is seemingly all computerized would take less time than agents doing foot work.

I’m in the same boat. Investigation has been done since 05/17. Been waiting for the NAC to be completed since then (9 months). Can someone answer this: If you are currently processing with another agency (Have been in adjudication for 18 months with that agency), could that be why the NAC is taking so long? Or is it the backlog of the OPM/FBI who runs the NACs?

The reason I ask this is my security contact said most NACs are done within a month, however, if you have a “hit” it take longer. Is that “hit” showing my investigation with another agency?

An investigation is not “done” if the National Agency Check portion of it has not been completed. As written in previous posts, the FBI name check (one part of the NAC) is what holds many investigations up.

Yeah by Investigation being done I meant my references being contact was done, sorry. My contact told me it is indeed the FBI name check holding up the investigation closing. If I’m processing with another agency in the IC (for which I’m in adjudication), could that be what is holding it up? Would this agency need that agency’s “file” on me to close the NAC check?

Not if the IC agency is doing their own investigation and don’t run Tier 3s, only Tier 5s. Apples and oranges.

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