NAC Check holding up TS/SCI clearance

My situation is a little confusing. I’m currently processing with a few IC agencies. Agency A (The first one) I have been in adjudication for 12 months.

Agency B started a new background investigation on me because Agency A would not give them their results because I was still pending… Now the background for Agency B started in March 2017, however I was able to find out it is still pending only due to the NAC Check being held up.

My understanding of the NAC is: if you’ve ever been fingerprinted or investigated by a national agency, it will show a “hit.” Agency B told me they are at the mercy of Agency A until they give them whatever they need.

My question is what in the NAC check does Agency B what from Agency A? How long can they hold it for/will it take? I’m also processing with Agency C who is waiting on Agency B to finish their background so they can reciprocate the results/clearance. This is all for an initial clearance. Is there any way Agency A would not give up the “results” or whatever Agency B needs from them to close the BI until they are ready to close my adjudication and give me an EOD?

Bump… Anyone have any ideas?

Mr. Hakamaa, do you have any insight on this issue? Just called my security contact and they said my investigation has been closed for a while but the NAC is still pending.

Your investigation cannot be closed if a NAC is still pending, as it is a part of every investigation.See this article:

All agencies prioritize the NAC request based on their own workload and available personnel, so not surprising that if you are in process with one agency and then they get a request from another agency (especially IC) for them to not be in a hurry it get it done. That is about all the insight I have on it.

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Thank for your reply, much appreciated what you do on here.