Tips for Filling out Employment Activities on the SF-86

Seriously, parsing out semantics is just ridiculous.

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I sincerely do not intend to be difficult, but I also am sincerely curious as to why the SF-86 format was changed with the fifth response being deleted ("5. Left a job for other reasons under unfavorable circumstances.”). If at all possible, may you elaborate? Even if it is only an educated speculation as a subject matter expert in this field? I am truly curious whatever the reason, even if it is only an educated guess on your part as to why this fifth response was officially removed from the questionnaire. Further, I am curious because again, the third and fourth responses again overtly state “…by mutual agreement…” And if an employee truly resigned, entirely voluntary, on one’s own volition/accord, whereby management overtly tells the employee that they have to make the decision to leave all on their own, management does not want to influence the employee’s decision to resign in any way (because if they do hint, agree, that an employee must/should leave it will entitle the employee to unemployment insurance benefits - it almost always certainly does since it will appear as a constructive discharge), then how should an employee answer such question if it does not have the appearance of leaving “by mutual agreement”? Meaning, if an employee did leave following allegations of misconduct, but it was not by mutual agreement, because the employee specifically asked their supervisor if they should leave and the supervisor said you must make that decision all on your own, how should someone answer this question. Again, I would legitimately think they should answer “no”, especially if they think perhaps their may have been a disciplinary action, but not thinking management desired them to actually resign, but the employee chose to do so anyways. Again, I sincerely do not intend to be difficult with asking this question. I truly am seeking your expert answer, even if only an educated opinion based on your experience in this arena as to how to answer since the response "Left a job for other reasons under unfavorable circumstances” was actually removed. If that response was still on the current form, then this would be easier to understand because anything “unfavorable” without “by mutual agreement” would be an easy “yes.”


I’m filling out the employment section of the SF-86 and two of my jobs from 8 - 10 years ago (when I was in college) were at restaurants that shut down shortly after I left both jobs. I’m not sure that I could track down the names/contact info of my supervisors and even if I did, I doubt that they would answer if contacted. How should I go about reporting these two jobs? Also, does anyone know if my current employer will be contacted during this process? The reason I’m filling out this form is to obtain a security clearance for a new job that is contingent on me getting this clearance. I have been instructed not to put my notice in to my current job until I have received my interim security clearance. As such, I wouldn’t want my current employer to find out I’ve accepted a new job from someone else. Please let me know, thanks!

List what you know about the former jobs. Try to get as much info as possible and explain why you cannot obtain any missing info.

Yes, your current job will be notified.