Top Secret adjudication timlunr

Hi all, Does anyone know how long does it take for DOD CAS to adjudicate my existing TS/SCI. If the adjudication dies nr happen before my 2 year window of not using TS will I lose my eligibility? Who should I contact to for accelerating. My request for reciprocity was submitted March 3rd, 2023

Whatever deities you may believe in are the only ones that can help here :frowning:


I am worried it won’t happen before the 2 year period and I will lose my eligibility

kSo it sounds like you are not currently employed, at least not in a position requiring this clearance, but you were employed when the periodic update was submitted.

If you are in adjudication now, then the investigation must be complete. See if you can find out the date the investigation was completed (if you don’t already know), and you can put that on your resume, something like “eligible for access based on SBI completed ddmmyyyy” I am pretty sure at this point the adjudication will run its course and a potential employer can decide if they want to make an offer.

But dont quote me… I’m just a guy on the internet :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your response. This is very helpful. I will try to ask the FSO about investigation dates. Last week they checked and it said SAC investigation completed on April 13th ,2023. Not sure if that is good enough yet or not.

Its good enough for a resume! Seriously although some hiring companies (and recruiters) may be hesitant to hire someone who is not “active” there are plenty who know how the system really works and what their customer will go along with.