Triple Canopy DOS clearance

So, I got a call from TC in reference to a PSS position. It’s a good opportunity and I accepted the contingent offer. My question is about the DOS clearance, which is the next step. I currently have a DoD Secret clearance from the Army NG, but since then I have had some financial issues. Nothing major, just a few missed payments and 3 things in collections. I will have everything paid and out of collections by next month (they have agreed in writing for a pay for delete in exchange for full amount owed) and I’m making all my other payments on time for the last two months and moving forward. My score is 510 (sucks, I know). Other than that, I’m good to go. Civilian law enforcement/SWAT, 2 Iraq tours, good driving record and no drugs other than weed when I was 16 & 18. As anyone been in a similar situation and received a DOS secret?

Also, was anyone or anyone’s family interviewed for a DOS secret? I have nothing to hide, I just wasn’t sure if that’s something more for TS or something.

Thanks in advance for the help!